Hideaway Adventure Grounds & Retreat is rustic camping experience on Kikino Metis Settlement which is located 2 hours Northeast of Edmonton. We offer workshops like shelter building and leather pouch construction and other activities like plant talks to make your stay a memorable experience. Hear stories from the land, learn about the surrounding Indigenous communities and culture and gain an understanding of nature.

Shelter Science

This workshop is designed to allow the participants an opportunity to learn techniques to construct shelters from their surroundings and/or with minimal supplies on hand. 

Participant will learn

  • how to tie knots used in constructing simple shelters (useful for many applications)

  • how to stay warm in cold weather environment

  • how to capture radiate heat

  • how to generate reflective heat

  • how to create convection heat

  • how to control conductive heat loss

  • all about condensation

  • air circulation management



Leather Pouch Construction

This workshop is designed to allow the participants an opportunity to learn techniques to construct pouches which were used by First Nations and Metis people for centuries. Workshops can be delivered based on age of participants and time allotment of sessions. Materials can be prepared to reduce time for construction or can be prepared by participants.

Supplies included:

  • Leather blanks

  • Lace for construction

  • Drawstring material

  • Decorative beads

  • Tools for construction: leather hole punches, lacing needles, scissors,


Typical time requirement = 30 mins


Covid-19 Safety precautions in place.

Indigenous People Discovery Experience

Call us to discuss Package retreats so we can customize it to your interests.

Includes: canvas wall tent site set for 2 ( can fit 4) for 2 nights, all activities.  Guests are responsible for their own meals.

Day 1 - Set-Up & Settling In

  • Shelter Basic’s

  • Group fire 

  • Sharing circle &

  • Roast Bannock

  • Group Fire & Tea Time

Activities are not subject to fixed schedule.

Day 2 - Self -Discovery & Nature Teachings

  • Indigenous Knowledge Holder Sharing Session

  • Craft time

  • Group Fire & Tea Time

Penalty of free time is included for meals and relaxation. 

Day 3 - Enlightenment

  • Traditional Teachings

  • Sharing Circle

  • Closing Ceremony

The greatest gift is to share and to listen, we have learnt together and now we will share one last fire.

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